About Trap.NZ

Trap.NZ is a free-to-use web and app-based software system used nationally for data management activities associated with predator control. It is developed and maintained by Groundtruth Ltd.

Its broad goal is to support the vision for a predator-free New Zealand by 2050 by improving the delivery of effective and coordinated predator control, reducing the cost to organisations, and encouraging public participation in predator and pest animal control.

Trap.NZ was initially developed with seed funding from the WWF Community Conservation Innovation Project.  In order for it to remain available for the public good, a collaborative of stakeholders was set up to provide funding and governance for Trap.NZ, to ensure it continues to be supported and developed, and free to use for all New Zealanders.  

This governance group currently includes regional and district councils via Te Uru Kahika - Regional and Unitary Councils Aotearoa,  Predator Free 2050 Ltd, and the Department of Conservation.    They meet quarterly and provide strategic and fiscal management and oversight of an operations group.   The ops group consists of representatives from a broad spectrum of Trap.NZ projects and help determine the development priorities for the system.

To use Trap.NZ you must first create an account.  You will then be able to join an existing project or create your own.

Data collected within Trap.NZ is private to individual project groups, however, groups can choose to (and are encouraged to) share data at a summary level which can be used nationally for research purposes.